wait what?

yesterday i get to eat bacon and all and got to eat it again this morning then i got outside to bus stop then the ppl there played there frisbree game and all i just stand there wacthing and all and saw that youtube was doing a live union thing the day it start at 9 and then i got on the bus for school went to hr same as usual until  suddenly in america history the teacher asked anyone seen the union address i said like ummm i saw the befor part and then he said no no the union thing so i was shocked i could of get free extra credit if i just wacth that darn vifdeo! so then at math i was smart and relised what the teacher teached us so i just raised my hand and solved it without her question so she stoped and me and asked me did i stop u befor u answerd so i said yeah and then she continued and someone andsered it then class end and the teacher was outsmarted! so i left being an nerd that i already knew! what the answer is, so i got to lunch and ate the food was good suddenly it is delciously moist and soft and good! it was hit and warm and fresh so good i ate it so then it was world language and the teacher was mad at me for arm wrestle and the it was over the pint of maddness she wasnt a very angry type of teacher she kind of a careless teacher and alll so i got back to gym then science and wacthes a sad clip abouta a genetic disorder edwilder somsthing like that and wacthed it just beacuse of a sad and fatal gentic problem mad me kind sad too see a kid died on his 99th day of living dies very sad by just thinking of it so they made a sad celebration 99 balloon party that resemble him of his 99th birthday in fact they celebrate everyday of his life by birthday eat cake everyday and celebrate it so then got home thinking how we get to live happy everyday and moment of us standing living breathing this day is very lucky im guessing so then i got bored wrote this blog rlly early so early think its too early! o well end of todays blog! CYA

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